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Short Note about Japan on March 21

  • At No.2 reactor of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, engineers succeeded to get back electricity, but not yet it gives power to the pomp. It will take some time.
  • At No.2 and 3 reactors, there were some smokes around their roofs, but Radiation level was not changed. I think we don’t need to worry about it too much as Radiation level is steady.
  • Spinaches and milk produced in Fukushima or Ibaraki show high radiation level. Government decided to stop all spinaches and milk  not to on sale even in Japan. So, you don’t need to worry about spinaches and milk made in Japan where ever you are.
  • I found an article written by a Japanese medical doctor. In this article, he recommended to go out from Japan by a ship rather than a flight if you decided to get away from Japan because of radioactive level in Tokyo, especially if the flight takes long time. For example, you will exposed to 80 micro Sv of radiation when you fly to Europe from Japan. It is the same level of expose if you stay and exposed 24 hours in Tokyo. But, as you can’t be exposed without radioactive materials, you can’t be exposed if you changed your cloths.
  • Well, I know some Japanese people feel it difficult to trust what Japanese government said, but I think most of Japanese people trust sincerity of the engineers who is fighting at the nuclear power plant, and Japanese technology. We know our county is one of the most developed counties in almost every technology, science, medication, etc. and how deeply Japanese people could be sincere as a professional, especially in a desperate situation. That’s why we can keep ourselves calm. It must be them who could let those reactors in danger cool down enough. I believe so.
  • I think it is impossible for those experts to make the same lies at the same time about the reactors in Japan. We are totally free to access any information on the internet about anything, even those child porn (Oh, shame…!). We could be both positive or negative, but there is a way to be neutral. I hope you see the situation in Japan neutral.
  • I don’t give my support to nuclear power. I feel it dangerous and I think we humans should try to find other way to get enough electricity to keep our life confortable. But I trust our technology and sincerity. Those engineers would have different opinion about nuclear power from me, but I trust that they will do their best for us. I have no doubt they will sacrifice their own lives if it is needed to keep the rest of the country and world in safe.
  • Yesterday or more days ago, 80 years old woman was found in a destroyed house with her grandson. I have heard that he refused to get foods and warms until his grandmother was rescued.

Well, they are pieces of my thoughts today. I hope it will give you an view of what is going on in Japan.


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What’s going on?

In these days, my computer seemed to have some trouble on it.

I’m not sure what it is and how I could handle it.

  1. The IME didn’t work with IE7 sometimes.
  2. The CPU worked very hard even when there’s no application working.
  3. The mail client crushed when I ordered to the security soft working with it.

Now, I’m wondering whether I should do system recovery or not.

Maybe I should.

Sigh 😦

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