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Amazing soap!

Maybe a week or so, I changed my face wash and it is really amazing 😯

In Japan, it is very dry during winter time, and I always got troubles on my skin.

But, now, it is very, very nice feeling on my cheeks! I felt that it was like 20 years old girl’s…  

No, just joking, of course. 😆

Oh, but the effect is really amazing. I’ve never though a soap could change skin condition so much greatly. Now, I need less lotion than before.

As I don’t like to spend long time in front of a mirror, especially in the morning, it is really helpful 😉

Well, yes, I am lazy and I want to sleep more than making up my face in the morning.


Oh! I completely forgot to talk about the name of the soap…

The name is, “Snow cakes” from LUSH.

It is sold as a body soap, but it works very well on my face, too. Actually, I even wash my hair and get good result.

Now, I am so happy that I can wash every part of me with only one soap!

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