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The fourth book of Harry Potter

At last!

I’ve been trying to read Harry Potter seriese in Englih, and I began the fourth book!

The fist book seemed easy, but the second and thrid….

I will take me for a while, I believe, but I will keep trying. As I wrote on the page of “About”, I love reading, and I feel that is the best way of learning for me. I can’t remember well something I learnt by listening classes, but I can easily pic lots of information up which I got by reading.

And, English-English dictionaries.

I always used E-E dictionaries for ESL learners when I read books written in English. Sometimes, the explanations are more difficult than the sentence I want to understand, but those explanations are written in the same style, different from the sentences in the book. I mean, the auther difinitely tried to express differently for making the story interesting. But, on the dictionary, you would find the same expression on each words which has the same feature, like verb, adj, nurn, etc. It is more effective to me to used to the same expression for improving my English skills.

I don’t think it is the best way of learning foreign language for you too.

I just try to show you my way.

Hope you can get a goot result on your learning something!

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How simple my feeling is!

Yesterday, I listed up a book “Howl’s Moving Castle” on my book list and I got a feeling that I wanted to read the book again.

Then, I started last night.

How simply my brain works!

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The New Story of Temeraire!

A few days ago, I got a news-letter form the official site of Temeraire and it told me that the newest book of Temeraire, “Victory of Eagles”, has been published in US and coming soon in UK!

That’s great news 🙂

It also announced that you could read a sneak preview of the story on the web site.

Here it is : An excerpt from the Victory of Eagles

You can choice HTML or PDF.

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