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Do your best, Korean national baseball team!

I found a report on the Internet about that a member of Korean national baseball team, he is also a member of Yomiuri Giants, one of NPB team, said something sorry for Japanese baseball fans because Korea defeated Japan on the Olympic yesterday.

It was written in Japanese and I guess that there might be something mistranslation in the article, but maybe he said some words which could take as something apology.

There would be some reason why he said such thing, but I think it’s not necessary for any reasons.

He is a member of Korean team and did his best for the winning. That’s not the point that the enemy was Japanese team.

And, yes, Korea defeated Japan, but it was because Japanese team was weaker then Korea, Japanese team couldn’t do their best play on the game different from Korean team.

I think there might be some Japanese people who think being defeated by Korea is something disgrace for Japan. There’s always those kind of people both in Japan and Korea, because of our history, but almost of Japanese baseball fans won’t say  insult word for him and Korean team.  I think Japanese fans will praise Korean team’s play and wish they will be able to do their best play against Cuban team. Actually, I also found some comments on Yahoo Japan which told that he didn’t have to say sorry for Japanese.

I also wish Korean team to get a fortune on the final game.

Do your best, Korean team!

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