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Short Note about Japan on March 21

  • At No.2 reactor of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, engineers succeeded to get back electricity, but not yet it gives power to the pomp. It will take some time.
  • At No.2 and 3 reactors, there were some smokes around their roofs, but Radiation level was not changed. I think we don’t need to worry about it too much as Radiation level is steady.
  • Spinaches and milk produced in Fukushima or Ibaraki show high radiation level. Government decided to stop all spinaches and milk  not to on sale even in Japan. So, you don’t need to worry about spinaches and milk made in Japan where ever you are.
  • I found an article written by a Japanese medical doctor. In this article, he recommended to go out from Japan by a ship rather than a flight if you decided to get away from Japan because of radioactive level in Tokyo, especially if the flight takes long time. For example, you will exposed to 80 micro Sv of radiation when you fly to Europe from Japan. It is the same level of expose if you stay and exposed 24 hours in Tokyo. But, as you can’t be exposed without radioactive materials, you can’t be exposed if you changed your cloths.
  • Well, I know some Japanese people feel it difficult to trust what Japanese government said, but I think most of Japanese people trust sincerity of the engineers who is fighting at the nuclear power plant, and Japanese technology. We know our county is one of the most developed counties in almost every technology, science, medication, etc. and how deeply Japanese people could be sincere as a professional, especially in a desperate situation. That’s why we can keep ourselves calm. It must be them who could let those reactors in danger cool down enough. I believe so.
  • I think it is impossible for those experts to make the same lies at the same time about the reactors in Japan. We are totally free to access any information on the internet about anything, even those child porn (Oh, shame…!). We could be both positive or negative, but there is a way to be neutral. I hope you see the situation in Japan neutral.
  • I don’t give my support to nuclear power. I feel it dangerous and I think we humans should try to find other way to get enough electricity to keep our life confortable. But I trust our technology and sincerity. Those engineers would have different opinion about nuclear power from me, but I trust that they will do their best for us. I have no doubt they will sacrifice their own lives if it is needed to keep the rest of the country and world in safe.
  • Yesterday or more days ago, 80 years old woman was found in a destroyed house with her grandson. I have heard that he refused to get foods and warms until his grandmother was rescued.

Well, they are pieces of my thoughts today. I hope it will give you an view of what is going on in Japan.


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[Reproduction] Great support of Skydrive by @arcadiy

I found this post some days ago, maybe March 15 in Japan. I want to share this with you.

Original post is here –> Great support of Skydrive by @arcadiy

Yesterday, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced power down project. Because some power plant is not running and nuclear plant is broken. Many people want to get information , but TEPCO site was down by many traffics. I had some PDF files before down and put on SkyDrive.

Today, @arcadiy contact to me on Twitter.

I supprised it. Why @arcadiy find my acount and tweet me? Maybe, he find my tweet and check my files. It is very helpful for us and many people can access to my SkyDrive.

And next tweet,

I heard from staff of Microsoft Japan after this tweet. He is working for Windows Live and they are supprised this action.

Thank you for Arcadiy, I will talk about your support to many Japanese people.

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Thank you

Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Voices among Japanese on twitter~

Cindy Lauper was on an airplane to Japan when the earthquake happened. Now, she decided to take all the concert she has planed.

Slash had 3 plan of performance and 2 were canceled, but he came to Japan and played even though he can play only one.

U.S. team has come to Japan under the name of Operation “Tomodachi”. This word means “Friends” in Japanese.

Some Pakistanis made and brought some meals for the suffered people. They said they did it in return for what Japan did when their country was suffered by an earthquake.

Chinese people sometimes said something unpleasant when Japanese team play any sports against Chinese team in China. But today, they give us only kindness, encouragement and sympathy.

NZ team has arrived. Yes, we sent a rescue team to NZ just before, and the suffering here might be bigger than NZ, but I know their own country is yet suffered and in need. But, they has come and said, “It is our turn.”

Afghanistan has been having a difficult time for many years. All of us knows. On March 13, the mayor of Kandahar, a city in Afghanistan, declared to donate big money to Japan.


They are what I have heard on TV etc. about the actions of foreign people/countries for Japan. I am so touched and moved. Thank you, World.

Here is stories among Japanese.

–> Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Voices among Japanese on twitter~

They are an example of how we could be as a human being in a tough situation. I hope it cheers you up a little.


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Lost a Friend

A friend of mine, my cyber friend, suddenly passed away by a car accident. He fell asleep…..

It is a danger you can’t prevent. You can decide not to drink, but you can’t decide not to fall asleep. Sleeping is one of our natural needs, so it comes to us sometimes unexpectedly. I myself got into this situation so many times. At those times, I stopped the car and had a short break, like to close my eyes for a while, maybe about 30 minutes or so.

Oh, my friend, why didn’t you do so? There is lots of people who needs you…..

In Japan, I have been taught that there is our last and one of most important jobs we have to do before we leave the Earth. Which is that to give the people around you to join together, share the sorrow and memories, and most importantly, to give them a chance to renew the relationships among them and make it stronger and closer.

I have also been taught that I must thank the passing person not only for that they have shared their lives with me, but also because of that they give me a chance to see other people, share my life and theirs, and most importantly, I could have a chance to renew the relationships with them and make it stronger and closer.

It is coming from Buddhism. In Buddhism, we take special ceremonies for each passing person 49 days later, a year later, 2 years later, 6 years later, 13 years later…. Even 50 years later. And, each ceremony has the same meanings. We come to see again, share the memories of passing people again, share our lives in each other again, and make the relationships among us stronger and closer again. It is described like, “to be given an opportunity to build relationships (or, connections?) in each other related to the passing person.”

So, now, it is his turn to do this work. I am sure many people would receive the result of his last work, and their relationships will  be stronger and closer every time they think of him. WE think of him.

He accepted me as his Japanese Little Sister. I never thought that he talked about me with his friends who didn’t communicate with me directly, but one of his friends said that he mentioned about me…..

Oh….. Brother, I miss you……..

Rest in Peace.

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My Grandma told me very seriously,

“If you won’t be near me, I would be lonely. So, won’t marry a man who lives far away from here.”

No, Grandma, don’t be so silly.

I know she loves me so much, but it means that her happiness is more important for her than MY happiness.

I love her, of course, but every time when she said something like this, I have a feeling like I’ll never have a conversation with her about my future.


“I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you because my Grandma won’t be happy without me.”


Oh, no, that’s impossible.

I’m not her only one family, she has lots of members of her family. Even her elder sisters are living here in Hiroshima!


Well, I’m wondering if a woman refuse to marry a man for this reason, how the man feel?

That means the woman care about her Grandmother more than the man.

Get angry?

Be disgusted?

Find no word to say?

Tell you your opinion, please! 😉 


I know why she said such a thing.

I’m the first Grandchild for her and have been living near her. I’m the only one granddaughter who has been living in this city, and other granddaughters and her daughter have been living in the other city far away from here. She has 2 grandsons and they have been living here, but she felt that they are a little cold than us, girls.

I know, I know.

But! I was irritated with her sometimes…


I don’t have any plan about my marriage and it means that I will stay near her for a while.

So, let’s go, Grandma! I will support you!

At least for a while, until I have a plan to marry with someone who lives far away from here.


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If your boyfriend or girlfriend write “I love you” with the flame of candles on a hotel room floor,

What would you do?

I would be absolutely embarrassed…

Fortunately, nobody did such a thing to me yet.

I hope there’s no one in the future.

And, unfortunately, it was happened to a couple and their hotel room burned.

Be careful when you try to express your love impressively.

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