Music has a wonderful power

25 Mar

I am so touched and moved by this song.

~ Prayers from children in Kibera for Japan ~

Please listen their song. When I watched this video for the first time, I couldn’t stop me tearing, but it was not sad one, maybe the first time since the earthquake.

I feel their song has wonderful power to let your tears come out…. I mean, sometimes you can’t cry even though you know it is very much needed, but you can cry and heal your heart and spirit by tearing if someone or something touches you. And, after you cry, you might find yourself feeling strength in your spirit to face the very reason of your teas….

Ah, I am not sure I am clear enough….

I mean, I felt that I was feeling my strength in my spirit after I cried while watching this video  which I knew I have but felt it difficult to find and  believe.

I wish you will find your strength in your spirit when it is needed, whatever the reason for.

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