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What a stupid SDF man!

I caught a news that a SDF man officially said that he strongly believe Imperial Japan had not invaded China, Korea or any other Asian countries at the world war ll at all.


What a stupid….

So, even if some Chinese politic department wanted Imperial Japan to come and build new government in China, it’s never meant that Imperial Japan had a right to do it.

Whatever the reason was, Imperial Japan had come to China, Korea and other Asian countriesĀ as a result of their own decision, and suffered the people who had already been living there. And, some, no, many Imperial Japanese people behaved just like they were better than other Asian people, they had a right to hurt them.

It’s obviously bad. Obviously wrong.

Why can’t he understand this simple thing?

I was so sad…

I was so disappointed…

I was so sorry….

At least one thing I must do is, to do something toward young Japanese to understand this simple thing.

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