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Lost a Friend

A friend of mine, my cyber friend, suddenly passed away by a car accident. He fell asleep…..

It is a danger you can’t prevent. You can decide not to drink, but you can’t decide not to fall asleep. Sleeping is one of our natural needs, so it comes to us sometimes unexpectedly. I myself got into this situation so many times. At those times, I stopped the car and had a short break, like to close my eyes for a while, maybe about 30 minutes or so.

Oh, my friend, why didn’t you do so? There is lots of people who needs you…..

In Japan, I have been taught that there is our last and one of most important jobs we have to do before we leave the Earth. Which is that to give the people around you to join together, share the sorrow and memories, and most importantly, to give them a chance to renew the relationships among them and make it stronger and closer.

I have also been taught that I must thank the passing person not only for that they have shared their lives with me, but also because of that they give me a chance to see other people, share my life and theirs, and most importantly, I could have a chance to renew the relationships with them and make it stronger and closer.

It is coming from Buddhism. In Buddhism, we take special ceremonies for each passing person 49 days later, a year later, 2 years later, 6 years later, 13 years later…. Even 50 years later. And, each ceremony has the same meanings. We come to see again, share the memories of passing people again, share our lives in each other again, and make the relationships among us stronger and closer again. It is described like, “to be given an opportunity to build relationships (or, connections?) in each other related to the passing person.”

So, now, it is his turn to do this work. I am sure many people would receive the result of his last work, and their relationships will  be stronger and closer every time they think of him. WE think of him.

He accepted me as his Japanese Little Sister. I never thought that he talked about me with his friends who didn’t communicate with me directly, but one of his friends said that he mentioned about me…..

Oh….. Brother, I miss you……..

Rest in Peace.

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Strong winds are coming and going through my house.

Until the last summer, we couldn’t open some windows and doors because of my cat. He had been doing mischievous, and we had to shut the windows and doors to get rid of him.

But, he’s gone.

This is the first summer we spend without him for these 10 years.

Blowing wind comforts us during hot nights in Japan, but I  feel loneliness with those opened windows and doors.

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