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Short Note from Japan until March 25

  • There are nobody who died because of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima even  among those engineers until now. Some of them were injured when some outer building exploded, and 3 engineers were exposed to radiation yesterday. All of them are in hospital.
  • 3 engineers were working at the next building of No.3 reactor. There was 15 cm of water on the floor and this water included radioactive materials. There are water drains from the reactor for to let water be cool down again. Experts begins to think that there may be a hale or so on the drains and that may be why there are water and it includes radioactive materials.
  • Experts think the reactor itself is not broken yet although it lets some radioactive materials go out of it because the reactor’s pressure stays steady. Experts think the pressure wouldn’t be steady if the reactor is broken already. For example, if there is a crack on the surface of the reactor, the pressure must be small, they think.
  • 2 of 3 are exposed to 2 – 3 Sv of radiation. Not milli, not micro. This is shocking and very bad news. But luckily, they were exposed not whole body, it was only on their ankles. Now, doctors at the hospital says they are very much conscious, feeling good, walking and eating. They are going to undergoing a medication for skin burn.
  • Tohoku high way was terribly destroyed by the earthquake, but now, it had done it quick repair (not whole nor perfect). You needed official permission to use the highway  until 6 am in this morning, but now, anybody can go with any kind of car.
  • Since March 23, some tap water system in Tokyo show more than 100 Bq/kg. Japanese radiation policy commits that it would be dangerous for babies less than a year old if they drink such water every day for a year. Government warned the people in the area that it is better for less than a year old babies not to drink. For adults, it is about the same amount of radiation with one time Chest X-ray check. Check what I wrote with  this by WHO. I think WHO has no reason to support Japan by making lie.

I am picking up a news which I feel that sounds trustful. Of course there are more news on Japanese media, but I don’t mention about them if I feel they are too dramatic or hysteric.

Radiation is dangerous and it is scary to think having lots of it around you. I agree. But, I don’t like to think things both too pessimistic and optimistic. I want to be calm and reasonable.

At last but not least, I appreciate all of you who keeps us in your heart.

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Pompano with vinegar sauce

Tonight’s main dish, 鰺の酢漬け Aji no suduke

鰺 Aji = pompano, 酢 su = vinegar, 漬ける tsukeru = to soak

fried pompano


Sake(Japanese rice wine)



sliced onion

sliced carrots

sliced green pepper or paprika


You can eat whole the fishes including heads and bones. 

So, I had to fry more than 30 pompanos for this! It was hard time for me, but I felt that my effort was rewarded when my family told me that they really enjoyed the meal.


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Chopped Pompano

Today, my brother fished 52 pompanos.

Then, we had to eat them for a dinner.

Tonight, we ate them as chopped pompano, we call it “鰺のタタキ(Aji no tataki) in Japanese. This is a kind of Sashimi.

Tomorrow, I’ll cook the rest of them with other recipe.

What a fun for me it would be!

Actually, I hate cooking….

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Tai meshi

Tai = sea bream

Meshi =rice

My younger brother fished a sea bream today and he cooked it with rice, sake, soi source, mirin and seaweed.

It tasted good and we enjoyed the meal 😉

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