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World Treasure

Itsukushima Island is one of the world treasure we have here in Hiroshima.

I visited there some days ago and want to share some pictures.

Aren’t they beautiful? I hope you enjoy them.

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Get Information about Japan in English

I think following Daniel Kahl on twitter is a way. Daniel Kahl on twitter

He is an American man living in Japan more than 30 years, including years of experience as a English teacher in Yamagata, one of prefectures in Tohoku (By the disaster, the East part of Tohoku is suffered badly, and Yamagata is in the West part of Tohoku, not suffered so much.) He keep posting on twitter, videos on YouTube since the disaster.  Daniel Kahl on YouTube

He even visited the suffered area different from me, and reported what he found out.

I know you understand what is really going on here in Japan with your wisdom and understanding whatever the mass medias say, but I hope you have a look on his messages.

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Bloomberg says, “Radiation From Cornwall to Hong Kong Beats Tokyo Amid Nuclear Plant Scare”

Radiation From Cornwall to Hong Kong Beats Tokyo Amid Nuclear Plant Scare

I thought it interesting.

Again, I believe it is impossible to anybody to let all the medias, experts make the same lie with Japanese government.


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Music has a wonderful power

I am so touched and moved by this song.

~ Prayers from children in Kibera for Japan ~

Please listen their song. When I watched this video for the first time, I couldn’t stop me tearing, but it was not sad one, maybe the first time since the earthquake.

I feel their song has wonderful power to let your tears come out…. I mean, sometimes you can’t cry even though you know it is very much needed, but you can cry and heal your heart and spirit by tearing if someone or something touches you. And, after you cry, you might find yourself feeling strength in your spirit to face the very reason of your teas….

Ah, I am not sure I am clear enough….

I mean, I felt that I was feeling my strength in my spirit after I cried while watching this video  which I knew I have but felt it difficult to find and  believe.

I wish you will find your strength in your spirit when it is needed, whatever the reason for.

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Thank you

Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Voices among Japanese on twitter~

Cindy Lauper was on an airplane to Japan when the earthquake happened. Now, she decided to take all the concert she has planed.

Slash had 3 plan of performance and 2 were canceled, but he came to Japan and played even though he can play only one.

U.S. team has come to Japan under the name of Operation “Tomodachi”. This word means “Friends” in Japanese.

Some Pakistanis made and brought some meals for the suffered people. They said they did it in return for what Japan did when their country was suffered by an earthquake.

Chinese people sometimes said something unpleasant when Japanese team play any sports against Chinese team in China. But today, they give us only kindness, encouragement and sympathy.

NZ team has arrived. Yes, we sent a rescue team to NZ just before, and the suffering here might be bigger than NZ, but I know their own country is yet suffered and in need. But, they has come and said, “It is our turn.”

Afghanistan has been having a difficult time for many years. All of us knows. On March 13, the mayor of Kandahar, a city in Afghanistan, declared to donate big money to Japan.


They are what I have heard on TV etc. about the actions of foreign people/countries for Japan. I am so touched and moved. Thank you, World.

Here is stories among Japanese.

–> Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Voices among Japanese on twitter~

They are an example of how we could be as a human being in a tough situation. I hope it cheers you up a little.


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Japanese people trying to stay strong

A Japanese collect some stories among Japanese people on twitter. Stories of what they saw or heard here and there since the disaster.

Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Tweet from Japan~

And, one more story….

When the huge earthquake attacked Kobe, my Grandma said, “it will be alright. Today, other part of Japan has no trouble to help Kobe different from when the world war ll ended. At that time, whole county was destroyed and staved, so nobody could come to help us to Hiroshima.”

Yes, now, so many aid teams has been coming to Japan to give Japan their hands to help Japan stand again. Even from NZ.

Their mission must be difficult and dangerous. I appreciate and respect all of them and pray that they will come back home safely and proudly.

Thank you, World.


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