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What you should do when an earthquake happened?

I am going to tell you what I had been taught as a child since I was 4 years old.

In Japan, all the kids are trained along this method at schools and that’s why Japanese people could stay so calm when the earthquake happened.

  1. Hide under a desk, table or anything you can protect your body from falling things from above, especially your head.
  2. When the quake stopped, go outside by your leg, means not elevator.
  3. On the way to outside, don’t run, don’t push the person in front of you, don’t shout, even don’t talk.
  4. Once you are outside, stay away from buildings or houses.
  5. If you got a warning for tsunami, then, go to higher place near you. Buildings may be broken by the earthquake, but it is better to be in tsunami wave.

Remember, Japan lost more than 10,000 people already and there are more about 20,000 people are missing. It seems that Japan disaster is not so bad like the one in Indonesia or Haiti, but I think the training is the reason of why the most of the people in the suffered area could survive.

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How dangerous is eating those vegetables or drinking tap water in Japan? My Grandma says…..

I think I would write some events happened in Japan, especially about radiation, but before that, I want share some words of my Grandmother who was in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, about 3 km (a little shorter than 2 mile, I guess?) away from the Ground Zero.

She is now 84 years old and there are 2 of her big sister, 86 and 90. All of them were in Hiroshima on the day around the same distance away from the center of the explosion. Today, they are enjoying their old but healthy life.

Today, my Grandma talked her sisters. By what she told me later, 3 of them seemed bit angry about what Japanese government ordered to some vegetables produced in Fukushima, not to eat them because of high level radiation.

She said, “we breathed such a dusty air when the bomb exploded, I think there must be lots of lots of radioactive materials, and ate all vegetables we were bringing up. There were black rain later the explosion, you know, and it left dusts on the surface of vegetables. I am sure it included many radioactive materials, I came to think so in these days, but we had no choice except to die in stave, so we ate all those vegetables. We wash them carefully, of course, and, see, we are gifted to live this old age healthy. We brought up vegetables every year in Hiroshima and ate them, gave birth to our children and raised them by mother’s milk. No harm has happened even though the bomb was exploded but non of the reactors are not yet! I can’t understand why we shouldn’t eat those vegetables. We are proof of that those vegetables will cause no problem on your health if you wash them carefully enough. Right now, many people needs foods in the suffered area and those area need every incomes they can get. WE SHOULD SUPPORT THEM TO BE INDEPENDENT AGAIN IN EVERY WAY! That IS recovery!”

I don’t mean to suggest you to trust my Grandma, but I think there is some suggestion which may help you to find out how to protect yourself from radioactive expose rather than feeling unclear fear.

Be careful and calm. Be aware of what is a simple fact while something else may be what you think, what you guess, or what you want to believe, you want to see. I believe that is the way to be safe in danger.


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Short Note about Japan on March 21

  • At No.2 reactor of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, engineers succeeded to get back electricity, but not yet it gives power to the pomp. It will take some time.
  • At No.2 and 3 reactors, there were some smokes around their roofs, but Radiation level was not changed. I think we don’t need to worry about it too much as Radiation level is steady.
  • Spinaches and milk produced in Fukushima or Ibaraki show high radiation level. Government decided to stop all spinaches and milk  not to on sale even in Japan. So, you don’t need to worry about spinaches and milk made in Japan where ever you are.
  • I found an article written by a Japanese medical doctor. In this article, he recommended to go out from Japan by a ship rather than a flight if you decided to get away from Japan because of radioactive level in Tokyo, especially if the flight takes long time. For example, you will exposed to 80 micro Sv of radiation when you fly to Europe from Japan. It is the same level of expose if you stay and exposed 24 hours in Tokyo. But, as you can’t be exposed without radioactive materials, you can’t be exposed if you changed your cloths.
  • Well, I know some Japanese people feel it difficult to trust what Japanese government said, but I think most of Japanese people trust sincerity of the engineers who is fighting at the nuclear power plant, and Japanese technology. We know our county is one of the most developed counties in almost every technology, science, medication, etc. and how deeply Japanese people could be sincere as a professional, especially in a desperate situation. That’s why we can keep ourselves calm. It must be them who could let those reactors in danger cool down enough. I believe so.
  • I think it is impossible for those experts to make the same lies at the same time about the reactors in Japan. We are totally free to access any information on the internet about anything, even those child porn (Oh, shame…!). We could be both positive or negative, but there is a way to be neutral. I hope you see the situation in Japan neutral.
  • I don’t give my support to nuclear power. I feel it dangerous and I think we humans should try to find other way to get enough electricity to keep our life confortable. But I trust our technology and sincerity. Those engineers would have different opinion about nuclear power from me, but I trust that they will do their best for us. I have no doubt they will sacrifice their own lives if it is needed to keep the rest of the country and world in safe.
  • Yesterday or more days ago, 80 years old woman was found in a destroyed house with her grandson. I have heard that he refused to get foods and warms until his grandmother was rescued.

Well, they are pieces of my thoughts today. I hope it will give you an view of what is going on in Japan.


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Short Note about Japan on March 19

First, about the nuclear power plant….

  • Those brave people succeeded to put lots of waters into the used nuclear fuel pool in No.3 nuclear reactor by water cannon trucks. I have heard that U.S. army let us use their truck for this mission. Thank you so much. Now, the pool is becoming cooler and cooler in time.
  • At the same time, people keep trying to put seawaters into No.1 – 3 reactors, and those reactors have kept being cool.
  • Today, March 19 in Japan, SDF checked the reactors by air with thermography, those 4 reactors in danger show under 100 degrees centigrade. I think it is a good news to know.
  • At No.5 and 6 reactor, the pools keep enough water but shows bit higher temperature. Engineers now succeeded to back electricity to them and begin to put cool waters into the pools.

I think the plant is still in danger, but I can’t stop to prize those people who is staying there and doing their best for others. The plant has kept in danger, but they keep it away from the worst for a week. A WEEK! And now, seems that the plant finally start to be in the right way to the safe. I hope I am right. Please give your thought to them…..

From Hiroshima, some medical teams have come there and support the suffered people not only in general medication but also about Radioactive expose. I hope the name of Hiroshima give some encouragement to the people at least about Radiation.

Today, WHO officially announced that there is no reason to escape from Japan or hesitate to visit Japan. IAEA officially announced that there is no risk on your health to stay in Tokyo. Please trust them. Even if you feel doubt about what Japanese government said, I strongly hope that you trust those international organizations. The north-east part of Japan is suffered and in danger, it is impossible to visit there, but other part of Japan is in safe, you can stay any part of Japan except the suffered area very comfortably. There is no danger to eat or use Japanese products, especially sold in foreign countries. We have difficulties to give enough food and things to the suffered people, so it means that whatever you have around you which is made in Japan, they couldn’t be developed in the suffered area including Fukushima where the nuclear power plant is, all those products must be produced in the safe area of Japan. Please, Please don’t hesitate to buy those things. Please don’t hesitate to visit the safe area of Japan.

As I said before, there is nothing happened here in Hiroshima and we are living our life in the same way as usual with enough light, fuel, and foods in safe. Nothing is changed. It makes us feeling very sorry for the suffered people, but we know what we should do right now is to keep our life in the way it should be as we can, keep working, making money, using money, keep our strength and spirit high. The recovery is the most difficult and longest part ant it needs very very big money. We know that by the experience of Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. We should keep Japanese economy running, shouldn’t stop. We know we should smile more, laugh more, make jokes, singing, dancing….. We will.

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Thank you

Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Voices among Japanese on twitter~

Cindy Lauper was on an airplane to Japan when the earthquake happened. Now, she decided to take all the concert she has planed.

Slash had 3 plan of performance and 2 were canceled, but he came to Japan and played even though he can play only one.

U.S. team has come to Japan under the name of Operation “Tomodachi”. This word means “Friends” in Japanese.

Some Pakistanis made and brought some meals for the suffered people. They said they did it in return for what Japan did when their country was suffered by an earthquake.

Chinese people sometimes said something unpleasant when Japanese team play any sports against Chinese team in China. But today, they give us only kindness, encouragement and sympathy.

NZ team has arrived. Yes, we sent a rescue team to NZ just before, and the suffering here might be bigger than NZ, but I know their own country is yet suffered and in need. But, they has come and said, “It is our turn.”

Afghanistan has been having a difficult time for many years. All of us knows. On March 13, the mayor of Kandahar, a city in Afghanistan, declared to donate big money to Japan.


They are what I have heard on TV etc. about the actions of foreign people/countries for Japan. I am so touched and moved. Thank you, World.

Here is stories among Japanese.

–> Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Voices among Japanese on twitter~

They are an example of how we could be as a human being in a tough situation. I hope it cheers you up a little.


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Japanese people trying to stay strong

A Japanese collect some stories among Japanese people on twitter. Stories of what they saw or heard here and there since the disaster.

Don’t Give Up, Japan ~Tweet from Japan~

And, one more story….

When the huge earthquake attacked Kobe, my Grandma said, “it will be alright. Today, other part of Japan has no trouble to help Kobe different from when the world war ll ended. At that time, whole county was destroyed and staved, so nobody could come to help us to Hiroshima.”

Yes, now, so many aid teams has been coming to Japan to give Japan their hands to help Japan stand again. Even from NZ.

Their mission must be difficult and dangerous. I appreciate and respect all of them and pray that they will come back home safely and proudly.

Thank you, World.


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Japanese people are polite and kind?

Some Japanese said “Thank you” or gave a gift for a stimulant seller when they bought the drug from him. And, based on this experience, he strongly recommended that Japanese people are very polite and kind and Japan is very nice country.

Should I be proud?

*He was foreigner.


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