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Why I decided to write about Radiation

Radioactive expose seems dangerous to me. I don’t like it. It is scary to imagine to be exposed. I have never given my support to nuclear power technology.

As a person who was born and grown up in Hiroshima, I have heard lots of lots of scary stories about radioactive expose, but at the same time, I know there are lots of lots of healthy seniors in Hiroshima who survived the attack.

I also know we humans use Radiation as a part of medication. We sometimes do X ray check even when we feel no health problem and it doesn’t seem to cause a problem on my health.

I think whatever the reason is or whatever the reason for, radioactive expose is radioactive expose. No difference.

Then, I thought, there might be a medical standard to find out whether one’s exposed level is in safe or danger.

That’s why I have tried to learn or understand what radiation is or what radiation expose is, why it is dangerous from what point, why it is medically OK to exposed someone at some level, etc. and wrote those posts about radiation or radioactive expose based on what I learned.

I hate all the nuclear technology, I want to see the world not to have it, but I won’t share any information which doesn’t make sense to me, even if they seem useful to say, “See, any nuclear is dangerous. Don’t you think it’s time to build a new world without nuclear technology?” I want the world including myself to be careful about radiation with clear and right knowledge.


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Amazing soap!

Maybe a week or so, I changed my face wash and it is really amazing 😯

In Japan, it is very dry during winter time, and I always got troubles on my skin.

But, now, it is very, very nice feeling on my cheeks! I felt that it was like 20 years old girl’s…  

No, just joking, of course. 😆

Oh, but the effect is really amazing. I’ve never though a soap could change skin condition so much greatly. Now, I need less lotion than before.

As I don’t like to spend long time in front of a mirror, especially in the morning, it is really helpful 😉

Well, yes, I am lazy and I want to sleep more than making up my face in the morning.


Oh! I completely forgot to talk about the name of the soap…

The name is, “Snow cakes” from LUSH.

It is sold as a body soap, but it works very well on my face, too. Actually, I even wash my hair and get good result.

Now, I am so happy that I can wash every part of me with only one soap!

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The fourth book of Harry Potter

At last!

I’ve been trying to read Harry Potter seriese in Englih, and I began the fourth book!

The fist book seemed easy, but the second and thrid….

I will take me for a while, I believe, but I will keep trying. As I wrote on the page of “About”, I love reading, and I feel that is the best way of learning for me. I can’t remember well something I learnt by listening classes, but I can easily pic lots of information up which I got by reading.

And, English-English dictionaries.

I always used E-E dictionaries for ESL learners when I read books written in English. Sometimes, the explanations are more difficult than the sentence I want to understand, but those explanations are written in the same style, different from the sentences in the book. I mean, the auther difinitely tried to express differently for making the story interesting. But, on the dictionary, you would find the same expression on each words which has the same feature, like verb, adj, nurn, etc. It is more effective to me to used to the same expression for improving my English skills.

I don’t think it is the best way of learning foreign language for you too.

I just try to show you my way.

Hope you can get a goot result on your learning something!

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It is my fist appearance on “Scarlet’s Lazy Life”. I’m not sure how it goes and how I start it, but I try.

So, why did I decide to write this blog in English?

Because, it seemed interesting to me 😉

Actually, I’ve been trying to brush up my English skills for these few yeas. A part of it was for my business, but other part of it was for making my life more enjoyable.

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