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Be careful! A missile is coming to our town!

Yesterday, I mean on June 30, a local government in Japan announced that message all over the town through the official emergency network by the accident (we have many speakers around our town or city, and every local government announced emergency messages through the speakers. For example, warnings of earthquakes, typhoons etc. those kind of natural disasters, or, requesting a information of lost children or old people.)

After the accident, a spokesperson said that the computer which is connected with the National security system had some trouble and a staff shut down and rebooted it, then, the message announced automatically and they couldn’t stop it before it happens.

Fortunately, it was just an accident, but the people who live there must had been surprised and  panicked.

And, I’m wondering how I could be careful from a coming missile…

I doubt I can do something against it.

And I also imagine how horrible my life would be if missiles have been coming again and again.

Sadly, there are many, many places where those things have been happening all over the world.

How hard their lives are.

I’m not sure what I can do, but we should do something.

This is my little little one step.

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What’s going on?

In these days, my computer seemed to have some trouble on it.

I’m not sure what it is and how I could handle it.

  1. The IME didn’t work with IE7 sometimes.
  2. The CPU worked very hard even when there’s no application working.
  3. The mail client crushed when I ordered to the security soft working with it.

Now, I’m wondering whether I should do system recovery or not.

Maybe I should.

Sigh 😦

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