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Banzuke for the Grand Sumo Taunament in September

Well, as my blog has gotten so many visitors who seeks information about Sumo, I thought I’d better post the newest Banzuke.

In Sumo, East is higher rank than West.

Yokozuna at East is Hakuho, obviously, and Yokozuna at West is Asashoryu.

My favorite Sumo wrestler, Kotooshu is the top Ozeki at East. So, there are 5 Ozeki in Makuuchi, and in this case, the highest ranking of Ozeki is the top of East, the 2nd is the top of West, the 3rd is the 2nd of East, the 4th is the second of West, and the last is the 3rd of East.

Well, I am going to leave a link to Nihon Sumo Kyokai (the association of Grand Sumo?) for people who wants to know the rest of ranking.

Here : Nihon Sumo Kyokai

I hope this link works well for you. Good luck, and enjoy!

Oh, by the way, could you please to have a look on my other articles? If you left a comment, it is always welcome and I will mostly appreciate, but if you don’t like, yeah it is perfectly OK. Just please try to read.

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Kotooshu, 10 raws of winnings!

Finally again!

Since his first Championship, over a year has gone!

Come on, Kotooshu, get the Cup again and to be Yokozuna!!!!!!

Ah, but, the Yokozuna Hakuho is really in a good condition and I don’t think Kotooshu can win against Hakuho…… Maybe Asashoryu, the other yokozuna, but not Hakuho……

Let’s see what will happen!


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Do your best, Korean national baseball team!

I found a report on the Internet about that a member of Korean national baseball team, he is also a member of Yomiuri Giants, one of NPB team, said something sorry for Japanese baseball fans because Korea defeated Japan on the Olympic yesterday.

It was written in Japanese and I guess that there might be something mistranslation in the article, but maybe he said some words which could take as something apology.

There would be some reason why he said such thing, but I think it’s not necessary for any reasons.

He is a member of Korean team and did his best for the winning. That’s not the point that the enemy was Japanese team.

And, yes, Korea defeated Japan, but it was because Japanese team was weaker then Korea, Japanese team couldn’t do their best play on the game different from Korean team.

I think there might be some Japanese people who think being defeated by Korea is something disgrace for Japan. There’s always those kind of people both in Japan and Korea, because of our history, but almost of Japanese baseball fans won’t say  insult word for him and Korean team.  I think Japanese fans will praise Korean team’s play and wish they will be able to do their best play against Cuban team. Actually, I also found some comments on Yahoo Japan which told that he didn’t have to say sorry for Japanese.

I also wish Korean team to get a fortune on the final game.

Do your best, Korean team!

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Responsibility as a daughter

My father suddenly announced that he strongly wants to go Hiroshima stadium and watch the game, Hiroshima Carp vs. Chunichi Dragons. But, his wife and son refused to go with him.

Then, it became MY responsibility staying with him at the stadium.








Fortunately, Hiroshima defeated Chunichi, it might be because of the Olympic games, Hiroshima have no player for it but 4 good Chunichi players have been playing as a member of the national team. But, the result was the result. I don’t mind if it was a little unfair for Chunichi!

The most interesting thing was, there were my aunt, uncle and their son in the stadium without planning and separately! I sent an e-mail to my grandmother (she is not the one I mentioned in a past post) from my mobile phone, and she told each of us the fact by her reply. We tried to see, but we couldn’t at all. It was a little disappointing for us, but no problem, because Hiroshima defeated Chunichi!

Do your best, Carp!

I really, really want to see the opening game in the new Hiroshima stadium on the next season!

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Should I follow my mother?

My mother said to me,

“Hey, look, you are a loser!”



Because I had not known that Kotooshu had come to Hiroshima and missed the chance to meet him.

She also said,

“Oh, poor Kotooshu. He lost a fan.”


Because he didn’t contact ME before he came here, then, she thought I ought to stop supporting him.

Oh, Mom.

Are you serious?

Is that the way you want me to follow?

I doubt it is right, but she is MY MOTHER…




No, don’t worry.

I will always support you, Kotooshu!

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Well done, Kotooshu!

I believe he got good experience through this tournament for the next challenge to be a Yokozuna.

He seemed to me that he kept trying to fight in the style of Yotsu-zumo. That would be very important point if he wants to be a Yokozuna.

I think he would fight better on the next tournament in September and it would be very interesting tournament.

Let’s see how it will be!

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Kotooshu on July Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya

This will be the most recent post during the Nagoya Basyo taking.

My new posts will appear below.

Schedule Opponent Result
Shonichi 初日 Aminishiki 安美錦 loss
2nd day Hokutoriki 北勝力 win
3rd day Toyonoshima 豊ノ島 loss
4th day Futenou 普天王 win
5th day Wakanohou 若ノ鵬 win
6th day Kisenosato 稀勢の里 win
7th day Asasekiryu 朝赤龍 lose
Nakabi 中日 Tochinonada 栃乃洋 win
9th day Goueidou 豪栄道 win
10th day Wakanosato 若の里 win
11th day Miyabiyama 雅山 win
12th day Ama 安馬 loss
13th day Chiyotaikai 千代大海 win
14th day Kaiou 魁皇 loss
Senshuraku 千秋楽 Hakuhou 白鵬 loss

大相撲名古屋場所 番付、星取表 Nagoya Basyo Banzuke & results informations


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