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How dangerous is eating those vegetables or drinking tap water in Japan? My Grandma says…..

I think I would write some events happened in Japan, especially about radiation, but before that, I want share some words of my Grandmother who was in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, about 3 km (a little shorter than 2 mile, I guess?) away from the Ground Zero.

She is now 84 years old and there are 2 of her big sister, 86 and 90. All of them were in Hiroshima on the day around the same distance away from the center of the explosion. Today, they are enjoying their old but healthy life.

Today, my Grandma talked her sisters. By what she told me later, 3 of them seemed bit angry about what Japanese government ordered to some vegetables produced in Fukushima, not to eat them because of high level radiation.

She said, “we breathed such a dusty air when the bomb exploded, I think there must be lots of lots of radioactive materials, and ate all vegetables we were bringing up. There were black rain later the explosion, you know, and it left dusts on the surface of vegetables. I am sure it included many radioactive materials, I came to think so in these days, but we had no choice except to die in stave, so we ate all those vegetables. We wash them carefully, of course, and, see, we are gifted to live this old age healthy. We brought up vegetables every year in Hiroshima and ate them, gave birth to our children and raised them by mother’s milk. No harm has happened even though the bomb was exploded but non of the reactors are not yet! I can’t understand why we shouldn’t eat those vegetables. We are proof of that those vegetables will cause no problem on your health if you wash them carefully enough. Right now, many people needs foods in the suffered area and those area need every incomes they can get. WE SHOULD SUPPORT THEM TO BE INDEPENDENT AGAIN IN EVERY WAY! That IS recovery!”

I don’t mean to suggest you to trust my Grandma, but I think there is some suggestion which may help you to find out how to protect yourself from radioactive expose rather than feeling unclear fear.

Be careful and calm. Be aware of what is a simple fact while something else may be what you think, what you guess, or what you want to believe, you want to see. I believe that is the way to be safe in danger.


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Grandma’s Birthday

Yesterday was my Grandma’s birthday and she is 81 years old now.

Since last month, she had an operation with her eyes, she has been having hard time, and I wanted to make her cheer up a little.

These some years, it has been told that blueberry would be good for your eyes in Japan, and I know she’s been trying to get more blueberries than ever. Then, I bought a birthday cake which has blueberries inside of it for her.

And tonight, my father who is her son and my brother planed the special dinner for her birthday!

These 2 presents changed nothing with her eyes, all of us know, but it seemed that she had a bit of happiness and laughed a lot, even she got tears in her eyes while she was laughing!

I believe she will make me annoyed about something in near future, but I still love her so much and she loves me, too.

I wish we will be able to celebrate her birthday as long as possible.


Grandma, Happy Birthday!

Be happy and healthy, stay with us more for a while.

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Responsibility as a daughter

My father suddenly announced that he strongly wants to go Hiroshima stadium and watch the game, Hiroshima Carp vs. Chunichi Dragons. But, his wife and son refused to go with him.

Then, it became MY responsibility staying with him at the stadium.








Fortunately, Hiroshima defeated Chunichi, it might be because of the Olympic games, Hiroshima have no player for it but 4 good Chunichi players have been playing as a member of the national team. But, the result was the result. I don’t mind if it was a little unfair for Chunichi!

The most interesting thing was, there were my aunt, uncle and their son in the stadium without planning and separately! I sent an e-mail to my grandmother (she is not the one I mentioned in a past post) from my mobile phone, and she told each of us the fact by her reply. We tried to see, but we couldn’t at all. It was a little disappointing for us, but no problem, because Hiroshima defeated Chunichi!

Do your best, Carp!

I really, really want to see the opening game in the new Hiroshima stadium on the next season!

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Should I follow my mother?

My mother said to me,

“Hey, look, you are a loser!”



Because I had not known that Kotooshu had come to Hiroshima and missed the chance to meet him.

She also said,

“Oh, poor Kotooshu. He lost a fan.”


Because he didn’t contact ME before he came here, then, she thought I ought to stop supporting him.

Oh, Mom.

Are you serious?

Is that the way you want me to follow?

I doubt it is right, but she is MY MOTHER…




No, don’t worry.

I will always support you, Kotooshu!

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My Grandma told me very seriously,

“If you won’t be near me, I would be lonely. So, won’t marry a man who lives far away from here.”

No, Grandma, don’t be so silly.

I know she loves me so much, but it means that her happiness is more important for her than MY happiness.

I love her, of course, but every time when she said something like this, I have a feeling like I’ll never have a conversation with her about my future.


“I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you because my Grandma won’t be happy without me.”


Oh, no, that’s impossible.

I’m not her only one family, she has lots of members of her family. Even her elder sisters are living here in Hiroshima!


Well, I’m wondering if a woman refuse to marry a man for this reason, how the man feel?

That means the woman care about her Grandmother more than the man.

Get angry?

Be disgusted?

Find no word to say?

Tell you your opinion, please! 😉 


I know why she said such a thing.

I’m the first Grandchild for her and have been living near her. I’m the only one granddaughter who has been living in this city, and other granddaughters and her daughter have been living in the other city far away from here. She has 2 grandsons and they have been living here, but she felt that they are a little cold than us, girls.

I know, I know.

But! I was irritated with her sometimes…


I don’t have any plan about my marriage and it means that I will stay near her for a while.

So, let’s go, Grandma! I will support you!

At least for a while, until I have a plan to marry with someone who lives far away from here.


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