Short Note about Japan on March 19

20 Mar

First, about the nuclear power plant….

  • Those brave people succeeded to put lots of waters into the used nuclear fuel pool in No.3 nuclear reactor by water cannon trucks. I have heard that U.S. army let us use their truck for this mission. Thank you so much. Now, the pool is becoming cooler and cooler in time.
  • At the same time, people keep trying to put seawaters into No.1 – 3 reactors, and those reactors have kept being cool.
  • Today, March 19 in Japan, SDF checked the reactors by air with thermography, those 4 reactors in danger show under 100 degrees centigrade. I think it is a good news to know.
  • At No.5 and 6 reactor, the pools keep enough water but shows bit higher temperature. Engineers now succeeded to back electricity to them and begin to put cool waters into the pools.

I think the plant is still in danger, but I can’t stop to prize those people who is staying there and doing their best for others. The plant has kept in danger, but they keep it away from the worst for a week. A WEEK! And now, seems that the plant finally start to be in the right way to the safe. I hope I am right. Please give your thought to them…..

From Hiroshima, some medical teams have come there and support the suffered people not only in general medication but also about Radioactive expose. I hope the name of Hiroshima give some encouragement to the people at least about Radiation.

Today, WHO officially announced that there is no reason to escape from Japan or hesitate to visit Japan. IAEA officially announced that there is no risk on your health to stay in Tokyo. Please trust them. Even if you feel doubt about what Japanese government said, I strongly hope that you trust those international organizations. The north-east part of Japan is suffered and in danger, it is impossible to visit there, but other part of Japan is in safe, you can stay any part of Japan except the suffered area very comfortably. There is no danger to eat or use Japanese products, especially sold in foreign countries. We have difficulties to give enough food and things to the suffered people, so it means that whatever you have around you which is made in Japan, they couldn’t be developed in the suffered area including Fukushima where the nuclear power plant is, all those products must be produced in the safe area of Japan. Please, Please don’t hesitate to buy those things. Please don’t hesitate to visit the safe area of Japan.

As I said before, there is nothing happened here in Hiroshima and we are living our life in the same way as usual with enough light, fuel, and foods in safe. Nothing is changed. It makes us feeling very sorry for the suffered people, but we know what we should do right now is to keep our life in the way it should be as we can, keep working, making money, using money, keep our strength and spirit high. The recovery is the most difficult and longest part ant it needs very very big money. We know that by the experience of Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. We should keep Japanese economy running, shouldn’t stop. We know we should smile more, laugh more, make jokes, singing, dancing….. We will.

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