Short Note about Nuclear Power Plant

15 Mar

It is a short note about the nuclear power plant.

  • There are 6 reactors in the plant, and 4 reactors now in a serious danger. The rest 2 seems in safe, but there are some warnings, not so serious but yet a warning, engineers keep an eye one them.
  • Among these 4, 3 were working when the earthquake happened, but 1 was not.
  • Among those working 3, 2 lost their outer cover building, but as inner buildings are OK and keep Radioactive materials inside of inner buildings, there is small risk of serious Radioactive exposure. Now, engineers are trying to let the reactors be cool by seawater and they think they are on the way of success.
  • About the one which was working at the moment and still has its outer building, engineers have difficulty to let seawater in with this one. At least twice, there was no water in the reactor (2 and a half hour, and over 4 hour. it is very bad for a nuclear reactor to keep in safe.) Now, engineers seems succeed to let water in somehow and air pressure becomes low, they think they survived the most dangerous moment.  But they are yet not sure it will go on stably like the other 2. If they can’t let the reactor be cool, there may be an accident like Three Mile Island.
  • Those 3 which was not working, there is not nuclear thing inside of reactors. Nuclear things are in the pool for, ah, “used nuclear fuel (I’m not sure the expression)”, for to let them be cool.
  • There was an explosion or something around a pool. Engineers think it might be an explosion caused by only Oxygen and Hydrologic, but yet not sure and keep trying to find out what it was, etc.
  • The last 2, there were no explosion at least until now. The thermometer of the pools shows a little higher than usual, but not yet become too high in a short time, so engineers thinks these 2 pools became a bit hot, but stable in that state, means not in a serious danger like the rest 4.

Well, there would be mistakes, misunderstandings or mistranslation, but it is what I know or I think I know. The situation will change in a short time, and I will let you know.

Since the disaster, engineers stay in the plant and have been working so hard sincerely, honestly, devotedly, in such a dangerous situation. I respect and admire them.

A Medical Team for Radioactive exposure has been coming there from Hiroshima and caring the escaped people. As you know, Hiroshima has lots of experience about Radioactive exposure and I believe there support is helpful there.

Until now, by the announcement of Government, it was under 9,000 micro Sv in the highest state and it was in a moment. In time, it is becoming lower and lower. Of course 1,000 micro SV is very much higher than usual in nature, but it is not so dangerous, especially when it was a moment expose. You are exposed to about 10,000 micro Sv when you check your body with CT scan.

A Doctor in Hiroshima said, “we know it becomes high among Hibakusya to get a cancer if you are exposed to more than 100,000 micro Sv of Radiation.”  It doesn’t mean there is no risk of cancer if Radiation is less than 100,000 micro Sv. But, I think it is something nice to know. There is a possibility not to have a serious medical problem even if you are exposed like those people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki who could have no protection against Radioactive exposure. And now, we know much about Radiation and Radioactive exposure, we will be able to control the situation for to protect ourselves. The important thing is, be calm, be strong, don’t panic, and do what you should do.

Well, time is over now. See you later.

Thank you, World!

Don’t give up, Japan!

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