Traveling The World

24 Sep

A friend of mine is now visiting Japan from Germany.

Another friend of mine in the US is going to visit the UK from today for a week.

Oh, I am really, really glad for them that they could have a chance to visit where they have wanted to visit, but, well, in my heart, there is a bit of jealous…. No, I am very jealous at them!

There are almost 3 years since I made a trip to a foreign country (it was NYC), so I can’t stop to dream to travel again to a foreign country alone….. Alone!

By traveling foreign country alone, I felt that I found myself. It was sometimes I already knew, but sometimes I didn’t know til then. I think it was because of that I was free from the responsibilities of my real life and I had to handle everything by myself just as myself.

I noticed that I could handle some things better than I expected. I also noticed that I didn’t feel lonely but rather enjoying being alone.

Ah…. Those wonderful days….

Well, it is not easy to travel to a foreign county, it needs enough holidays and money, but I will try to make it true in near future.

I will.

For those people who is traveling foreign countries, especially alone, including my friends, Enjoy! Enjoy every moments you are having and experiencing now and then! Find yourself more deeply than ever. All experiences will give you new strength, new knowledge, new wisdom which you wouldn’t get without doing this.


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