Banzuke for the Grand Sumo Taunament in September

01 Sep

Well, as my blog has gotten so many visitors who seeks information about Sumo, I thought I’d better post the newest Banzuke.

In Sumo, East is higher rank than West.

Yokozuna at East is Hakuho, obviously, and Yokozuna at West is Asashoryu.

My favorite Sumo wrestler, Kotooshu is the top Ozeki at East. So, there are 5 Ozeki in Makuuchi, and in this case, the highest ranking of Ozeki is the top of East, the 2nd is the top of West, the 3rd is the 2nd of East, the 4th is the second of West, and the last is the 3rd of East.

Well, I am going to leave a link to Nihon Sumo Kyokai (the association of Grand Sumo?) for people who wants to know the rest of ranking.

Here : Nihon Sumo Kyokai

I hope this link works well for you. Good luck, and enjoy!

Oh, by the way, could you please to have a look on my other articles? If you left a comment, it is always welcome and I will mostly appreciate, but if you don’t like, yeah it is perfectly OK. Just please try to read.

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