Grandma’s Birthday

15 Nov

Yesterday was my Grandma’s birthday and she is 81 years old now.

Since last month, she had an operation with her eyes, she has been having hard time, and I wanted to make her cheer up a little.

These some years, it has been told that blueberry would be good for your eyes in Japan, and I know she’s been trying to get more blueberries than ever. Then, I bought a birthday cake which has blueberries inside of it for her.

And tonight, my father who is her son and my brother planed the special dinner for her birthday!

These 2 presents changed nothing with her eyes, all of us know, but it seemed that she had a bit of happiness and laughed a lot, even she got tears in her eyes while she was laughing!

I believe she will make me annoyed about something in near future, but I still love her so much and she loves me, too.

I wish we will be able to celebrate her birthday as long as possible.


Grandma, Happy Birthday!

Be happy and healthy, stay with us more for a while.

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Posted by on November 15, 2008 in family, life in Japan, My life


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