Exciting match with 2 Georgian wrestlers : Day 8 in Nagoya Basyo

21 Jul

I was so excited when 2 Georgian wrestler were making great match. Kokkai, the first Georgian Sumo wrestler defeated Tochinoshin after long and powerful fight. I could see their strong desire to defeat the other one.

Kokkai lost already 5 matches, but I hope the winning will be a turning point to him.

Today, Yokozuna Hakuho and all 4 of Ozeki got their winnings.

The eldest Ozeki, Kaiou showed that he IS Ozeki against Aminishiki. Do your best, Kaiou!

Kotomitsuki struggled with Wakanosato. He is originally coming from nearby Nagoya and he and Ama keep the second rank of the result after Hakuho with a one defeat difference up to now. Keep the position you 2 guys! It will make the tournament more interesting and exciting!

And, Chiyotaikai. This is his 12th Kadoban (he must lose his rank as a Ozeki if he won’t win 8 matches), but he always came back to the rank. This time, he already win 6! Wow!

At last, my favorite, Kotooshu. He lose the chance to be a Yokozuna already, but he seemed to keep challenging to struggle with his mental problem. he also seemed still nervous a little. I hope he will overcome his nervousness day by day and grab his fortune.

No challenge, No chance.

You must challenge if you want to get a good result.

Keep challenging, Kotooshu!

I will always support you 🙂

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