NPB All-Star ’08 Players Election

11 Jul

This year, 4 of Hiroshima Carp players were selected by fans and players. I was so happy when I got the news.

But the next day, I found that some people thought the sponsor of the games, the MAZDA, is also the owner company of the Carp, and the company forced their employees to vote the Carp and that was the reason so many players were selected by the Carp.

I was surprised there were so many people who misunderstood that MAZDA is the sponsor company of the Carp!

I know MAZDA is the largest shareholder and advertiser and always support Carp as a big company from Hiroshima, but MAZDA is just a stockholder and an advertiser of Carp. Carp runs in a self-supporting accounting system (I’m not sure if it is exact word in English, but my translating system told me so.) and their profits and capital aren’t connected. It means that Carp must get money and pay for players by themselves without MAZDA’s help.

I don’t know if MAZDA forced their employees to vote Carp (I believe MAZDA just asked their customers and employees to vote the election.), but I know MAZDA is not the owner company of the Carp.

I hope more people become known about it.

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Posted by on July 11, 2008 in Hiroshima, life in Japan, NPB, sports



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