I don’t know and let me know

28 Jun

There are some people who ask me what the best way of learning English.

And my answer is always the same.

“I don’t know.”

Of course I could tell them MY case, but I’m not one of THEM.

I know who I am and what I like, what I can enjoy, what the worst way for me to input something in my brain.

But I don’t know their favorites and I suspect that my way might be the worst way for them.

So, if they ask me what I think the most effective way for ME is, I’ll answer the question easier.


Here’s my way.

  • I’ve been listening 2 podcast programs that I listed up on the sidebar. Both of them are very helpful for not only hearing skill but also speaking, writing and building vocabulary.
  • Reading English books has also great affection on me. I’ve reading those books with 2 programs of English-English dictionary on my computer, and both reading and searching give me more vocabulary and knowledge of literary expression.

Actually, I think it is good way for almost every ESL learner to read some English documents with En-En dictionary. There are a lot of En-En dictionaries especially for ESL learners and they are written in easy and simple style. You will used to some basic style of English literary through the dictionary, and after it, you will be able to guess meanings of some sentences written in a little different style.

I think “basic” is “basic” and it is always useful whey you’re confused with some “not basically” style of something.

  • Keep writing in English.

I think writing is the most difficult part of learning foreign languages. Reading and listening is just works only with you and speaking is, so you will be able to communicate with someone in English and gesture if you are “face to face”.But writing is different. You must express your opinion clearly in foreign language. It is very difficult. Then, I try to write something in the forum that our hosts opened for their listeners.And, this blog.

I hope I can improve my English skills with it, and, if you find any mistake or have questions about my posts, please let me know.

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