Do your best, Carp!

26 Jun

Tonight, a commentator of Japanese professional baseball said on TV show,

This team has some talented player and they won’t join the Olympic team.

Then, the team has a chance make their rank higher during the Olympic game taking.


I was laughing for along time!

He meant, almost every team will have less power than usual because of their best players will join the Olympic team. But about the team, actually their hometown is Hiroshima where I’m living in, just only one player will join the Olympic team and they will keep their strength as usual. Then, they will be able to win lots of games during this summer against the enemies that have less players and strength than usual!

So, our team, Hiroshima Carp keeps the 4th rank right now and there’re only 1.5 games between the 3rd and the 4th.

And then…?

He might be right.

Our team will get a good result during the summer, if they keep their potential as long as possible.

Actually, these some years, our team got good result until the All Star Games, and after it, they seemed to loose their strength and the rank became lower and lower.

I hope, I wish, they can keep their spirits highly and get in A class at the end of this season.

Then, we will be able to watch the Opening Game in the new Hiroshima stadium! 😆


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2 responses to “Do your best, Carp!

  1. westbaystars

    June 27, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Hmm. That’s an interesting take on the Olympics.

    I wonder if the BayStars will be able to score any runs with Murata and Yoshimura off to China.

  2. scarlet^^

    June 27, 2008 at 2:41 pm


    >That’s an interesting take on the Olympics.
    Yes, I agree, that’s very interesting. I’d never thought about Olympics like that. Rather, I felt a little sick when I found there are only one player in the national team from Hiroshima Carp.

    And, Yoshimura? He was also summond for the national team?
    I could find the name Murata in it, but couldn’t him.
    Anyway, I guess you’re supporter of BayStars and I am Carp’s, then, let’s hope good luck both our teams!

    The pictuer on my lift sidebar was taken in Hiroshima statium, Carp vs Lotte.


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