How simple my feeling is!

14 Jun

Yesterday, I listed up a book “Howl’s Moving Castle” on my book list and I got a feeling that I wanted to read the book again.

Then, I started last night.

How simply my brain works!

Anyway, I like the book and it was written for young people, maybe for teenagers, but I felt it a little complicated to me.

I mean, English grammar is. The style of writing is. Not the story.

I had read the book once before, but still I need a help of my dictionaries.

I felt that I didn’t improve my English skill at all. 😦


That’s learning. Studying.

As an ex-student of some kind of learning, not only on educations but also in private lessons, I often experienced that the real feeling of how I improved something would come to me very slowly.

I know, I know.

I thing the most important point of learning is that you must go on if you feel a disappointment on your learning result.

And, take it easy. 😉

Having a strong desire is also important, but it would be better to have it enough, not too much. I think too much desire takes you to do too much activity, for example, you may practice it too much until you find that you give really bad physical affection on you, or you may be disappoint more than enough.

Yes, I tell you the truth.

I don’t like hard and busy life. I like to feel comfortable mentally.

I must have those opinions so that I could explain my laziness just like my belief based on my experience. 😆


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