To try, or not to try?

12 Jun

It was probably yesterday, I’d heard that the iPhone 3G will be on sale in Japan soon.

That’s great news! 😀

But, here’s a problem.

I must change my mobile carrier

if I want to use it!


That’s sucks.

> Information <

In Japan, which machine you can take depends on which carrier you take because mobile machines are sold by mobile carrier company, not manufactures of the machines.

It means that you can use iPhone only on the system of the carrier which will release it, and, according to the rumors I’ve had, that’s not the one which I’ve been taking.

I can change carrier without changing my number, but I must change my mobile address. There’s no doubt and absolutely troublesome.

Imagine, tell your all friends who know your mobile address your new address…

That will take very long time even if you contact them by computer mail.

No, I won’t. I’ll never do such a thing.

I like easy way, simple way, and I hate troublesome way, complicated way.

I really, really sorry but I won’t change my carrier.

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